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Welcome to Research Analytics International

RAI is one of the examples of social development entrepreneurship. The objective is to fill the gap between real need of the communities and development policy options. There is a strong need for more innovative formative research in Pakistan providing adequate evidence on welfare patterns at individual and household level, MDGs, Maternal and Child Health, Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship, Gender Issues among other equally important indicators. We are here to join hands with all those who want to see the research making difference.

We are particularly instrumental in health, reproductive health, education, gender, poverty and are cognizant with the specific research and development areas.

Research Analytics International

RAI has been founded with the aim to strengthen the research and development initiatives in Pakistan and around by inputting most sophisticated and rigorous efforts to analyses of the social, political and economic findings.This has put on stake the future of the country’s economy unless concrete steps have been taken to make this demographic transition a bless in terms of a demographic dividend.

Research Analytics International

The prime need for these young people is to improve their living conditions, get jobs, proper and professional trainings and international competitiveness. Research Analytics International has started to indulge itself in the programs that support capacity building of these young people, to excel in the professional fields, and of those who are already in the professional field.

Research Analytics International

To promote and strengthen the research and development initiatives in Pakistan and around that are aimed to promote sustainable growth of future generations and to provide adequately enough research work on socio-economic and political themes that serves the purpose for effective policy making at local and national level.