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Survey Research Methods and Data Analysis

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Survey Research Methods and Data Analysis: Tools and Methodologies

Empowered with SPSS (Venue: Islamabad) 

Dates: February 16-18, 2016___________________________________________________________________________

This training is specifically designed for those professionals who are looking to learn key steps, tools, and methods to complete simple to complex surveys for any of socioeconomic and political domains. Surveys are requirements for almost every field of development as projects require benchmarks before they are implemented but surveys only become viable and quotable if they actually represent the population from which samples were drawn. This is not a full story. How to analyze survey data is another important task that requires specific skills, particularly when it comes to answer questions that were not directly asked in the survey questionnaire. 

Training Modules

Day I: February 16, 2016

1.      Planning Surveys: Types and Designs

a.      Baselines, Midlines, End-lines, Assessments, Impact Evaluations

2.      Sampling Methodologies

a.      Sampling Types: Probability and non-probability based sampling

3.      Population parameters and sampling estimates

a.      Drawing samples using population statistics (like Census)

4.      Experimental, non-experimental and quasi-experimental studies


Day II: February 17, 2016

1.      What to do if data deviates from Population Parameters?

a.      What is Raking?

b.      Population Weights and Post-Stratification Weights

2.      Data Analysis Tool: An Introduction to SPSS

a.      Type of Data Analysis

b.      Types of Variables

c.       Types of Scales

d.      Understanding SPSS Windows (Data View, Variable View, and Syntax)

3.      Database making, data entry and cleaning

4.      Importing Data into SPSS

5.      Descriptive Statistics/Frequencies, Cross Tabulation, Graphs

6.      Measuring Central Tendency (Mean, Mode, Median)

7.      Generating New Variable

8.      Recoding into same variable, Recoding into different variable

9.      Computing new variables

10.  Nine Essential Commands of SPSS (Syntax Interface)

11.  Exporting Output


Day III: February 18, 2016

1.      Introduction to Advance Analysis 

2.      Hypothesis testing

3.      Defining Null and Alternative Hypothesis

4.      Parametric and non-Parametric Tests

5.      T tests: One sample t test; Independent sample t test; Paired sample t test

6.      Chi-Square test: Goodness of fit test; Independence test

7.      Bivariate and Multivariate analysis

8.      Correlation

9.      Regression: Linear regression; Multiple regression; Binary logistic regression;

10.  Multinomial logistic regression

11.  Interpretation of results of advance analysis


 Training Dates: The training will hold from February 16-18, 2016 at Islamabad. Last date to register is February 12, 2016


Note: We encourage to apply well on time before last date as waiting for last date may risk you chance to be part of this technical training workshop. 


Training fee and discounts


Training fee for one participant is PKR. 25,900/= for International Organizations; PKR. 21,900 for National/Government Organizations and PKR. 18,900 for Local Organizations/Individuals


For International Applicants, the fee is US$ 500 (US$ 400 for Afghanistan and Nepal).


This fee includes training material, trainers’ fee, certificates, lunch and refreshment and government taxes. This also includes one-month free consultation after training. Following are the discounts applicable.

ü  5% discount for early bird registration (25th January 2016)

ü  5% for 2 to 3 participants from same organization

ü  7% discount for registration of 4 trainees from same organization

ü  One participation free on registration of five or more participants from same organization

The fee can be paid by the following methods:

1.      Online Deposits at UBL (Brach code: 1155)—School Road, Islamabad Branch: Acc # 000203686098

2.      Cross Cheque: Account Title: “Research Analytics International”

3.      Pay order/demand draft for “Research Analytics International”


How to register with us?

Registering with Research Analytics International Inc. is easiest. You can put an email at trainings@researchanalyticsintl.org and call us at +92 51 4311633/2806093 (Landline) and on +92 0332-4311333 (mobile). Training can be registered also at www.researchanalyticsintl.org/course_register.php. To get more information regarding other training programs, please keep visiting at www.researchanalyticsintl.org/trainings.php and www.facebook.com/raipvt.


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