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Introduction to SPSS and Data Analysis

This training is designed for those who are studying subjects of Social and Behavioral Sciences like Statistics, Mathematics, Business, Public Health, demography, epidemiology and Population Sciences and also for those who are already in these professional fields.

A Two Day Professional Training on “Introduction to SPSS and Data Analysis” at Islamabad on February 24-25, 2014 This two day Training on SPSS and Data Analysis is specifically designed and already delivered many times for development sector professionals, who are working in research and M&E. Learning and analyzing data in SPSS is one of the basic skills that every development research professional should learn. It is also a key skill for students who want to improve their data analysis skills and want to write research papers, for doctors, pharmacists, and engineers, it is a way to publish their research work. The training is provided with the practical examples based on real data. It is designed from basic analysis to advance analysis including hypothesis testing, t tests and to regression. For more details on the Modules, please visit: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/243907051/Training%20Modules_SPSS.pdf.