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QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 2014 14-15 October 2014 and Advance Excel Level 5: Financial and non-Financial Tools 16-17 October 2014

Introduction Accountants and book-keepers continue to be fundamental assets to any business or government agency today. While many routine tasks performed by accounting personnel and auditors have been replaced by automation, employers still needed educated, accomplished professionals who have mastered the software that runs accounting applications. If you’re not up to speed and want to complete, computer accounting classes may be your tickets to hiring and promotions. While many employers may teach you some of their chosen accounting software for their own operations, most expect applicants to have a fundamental understanding of how to use accounting software, how it integrates with business book-keeping, payroll and more. At the end of the complete training session students / participants/ trainees will have gained the confidence and skills to set up a company as well as deal with all book-keeping / accounting matters in Automated Accounting Information System Using QuickBooks. Contents  Introduction to Accounting Information Systems  The Accounting Cycle  Overview of QuickBooks  Installation Instructions  QuickBooks Interface  Creating/Maintaining Companies  Understanding Menu’s and Areas  Understanding Lists  Creating / Maintaining Chart of Accounts  Creating / Maintaining Inventory Items  Creating / Maintaining Customers  Creating / Maintaining Vendors  Using General Journal Entry  Working with Customers related transactions Creating / Editing / Deleting ----Invoices Receipts from customers Working with Estimates / Quotes Sales orders Sales tax maintenance and applications Credit memo’s Maintaining Item prices Customer Statements  Working with Vendors related transactions Purchase orders Entering inventory receipts Entering vendor bills Paying bills Vendor Accounts  Bank Reconciliations  Year end Journal entries  Reporting Journals Trial Balance Income Statement Balance Sheet Statement of Cash Flows Miscellaneous  Backing up and Restoring Data  Setting up users and Password for closing Advance Excel Level 5: Financial and non-Financial Tools 16-17 October 2014 Introduction Advance Excel 5 is name of course designed and delivered at Research Analytics International (Private) Limited. This number “5” means that this is the last advance level of Excel being designed and delivered. This course is designed both for accounting and non-accounting professionals. It is best for people engaged in Program Management, Research and Development, Data Analysis and related tasks, M&E, Finance and Accounts, Market Research, Students, Customer Care, Record Keeping and Decision Makers based on data. It is open for corporate as well as non-profit sector. The training will cover Excel versions from 2007 to 2013. The contents of the course are given below: Contents Summarizing Data Using Formulas:  Defining Names to Cell & Ranges for Better & Quick Calculations  Understanding Single & Multiple Conditional Summing & Counting  Unhide the Power of Excel Array Formulas  Build formulas containing relative, absolute, and mixed references  Working with various financial functions Advanced Sorting Techniques & Subtotalling:  Complex Horizontal & Vertical Sorting  Excel Subtotal Formula -Nesting Subtotalling & Grouping Consolidate and Process Multidimensional Worksheets:  Data Consolidation by Range & By Category  Data Consolidation Using 3D Formulas Excel Database Operations & Management:  Working with Tables & Understanding Table Nomenclature  Data Extracting Using Advanced Filter Techniques  Complex Calculation Using Database Formulas  Data Integrity Using Data Validation  Working With Form Scrutinizing Data Anomalies with Conditional Tests:  Highlight Data Using Conditional Logic  Understanding New Conditional Formatting Features  Using Form Control with Conditional Formatting Condensing and Refining Data with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts:  Analyzing Data by Creating Dynamic Pivot Reports  Consolidate Multiple Data Ranges & Analysis Using Pivot Consolidation  Turn Bad Data into Good Data through Pivot Table  Integrating Macros with Pivot Table  Understanding Pivot Charts Creating Interactive Data Reports with Excel Charts (Dashboard Reports):  Understanding Chart’s Fundamentals  Working with Excel Built in Charts  How to Create Excel Non  Native Charts for Data Analysis  Creating Eye Catching Dynamic & Interactive Charts Optimizing Solutions with "What-If" Analysis:  Building Investment Models Using Data Table  Determining Profits with Goal Seek  Comparing And Contrasting Data Sets with Scenario Manager  Building Scenario Reports Automating Your Work Using Macros:  Understanding VBA Environment  Absolute & Relative Recording  Creating UDF (User Defined Functions) Using the Auditing tools for eliminating errors:  Use the auditing tools to avoid errors in financial models.  Trace formula dependents and precedents.  And trace errors, Circular reference and evaluate formulas. Dashboard and Reporting Functions:  Advance Charts and Techniques  Dashboard and Advance Reporting/Modelling

How to register: Registering with us is quite simple. You either have to send us an email, give us a call or simply write some words on ‘Contact Us’ page at our website. We will be sending you the registration form along with other details. For final confirmation letter, please ensure that you have submitted fee before the last date of registration. Registration can also be done online at www.researchanalyticsintl.org/course_register.php. Training fee and discounts: Training fee for one participant for two days attendance is Rs. 19,500/= and training fee for four days (attending both trainings on Excel as well as QuickBooks) is Rs. 33,150/=. This means that by registering in both trainings, you save 15%. The Fee includes trainer fee, material, certificates, venue cost, tea and lunch for participants. Discount is available in the following form: 1. 5% discount for two to four participants from same organization 2. 10% discount for five or more participants from same organizations 3. Local organizations, women and students are entitled for 5% discount The fee can be paid by the following methods: 1. Online Deposits at UBL (1155)—School Road, Islamabad Branch: Acc # 000203686098 2. Cross Cheque: Account Title: “Research Analytics International” 3. Pay order/demand draft for “Research Analytics International” For more upcoming trainings, please visit www.researchanalyticsintl.org/trainings.php. We also provide in-house trainings to development and corporate sector. Contact details and inquiries Research Analytics International (Private) Limited 407, 4th Floor, Royal Centre, 106-West, Fazl ul Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad Tel: +92 51 4311633 / 2806093, 0345 5956885 Web: www.researchanalyticsintl.org; www.facebook.com/raipvt Emails: info@researchanalyticsintl.org, trainings@researchanalyticsintl.org