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Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response: The Sphere Project

A Professional Training Program by Research Analytics International.


A 3-Day Training at Islamabad on

Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response: The Sphere Project


August 11-13, 2015


Introduction to training


Sphere Project was started in 1997 by a group of No-Government Organizations, Red Cross and Crescent Movement. The objective was to develop a set of minimum humanitarian response standards that can be applied globally. Sphere Project in itself focuses on developing key skills, competencies and to get introduced to essential components that are key to perform best in humanitarian responses. In Pakistan, Research Analytics International (RAI) initiated to develop capacity of both public and private sector stakeholders to increase their impact during hazards, floods, earthquake, epidemic, and other form of humanitarian crises. Sphere Project is equally applicable for projects working on conflict. 



Text box: participants in rai data analysis trainingThe following contents will be covered in this two days training program based on the latest Sphere Project recommendations:


1.     What is Sphere?

2.     The Humanitarian Charter

3.     Protection Principles

4.     The Core Standards

5.     Minimum Standards in Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene Promotion

6.     Minimum Standards in Food Security and Nutrition

7.     Minimum Standards in Shelter, Settlement and Non-food Items

8.     Minimum Standards in Health Action


The training will be delivered with more practical examples, quizzes and real field scenarios to extend learning through interactive learning environment. The practical sessions will include detailed understanding of the key features, differences in different terms like Minimum Standards, Key Indicators and Guidance Notes. The training will highlight the actions that organizations can take to participate in the Sphere process.


The participants will get answer to questions like:

1.     Text box: capacity building of local organization at peshawar by raiWhat is Sphere and why is it important?

2.     How does Sphere Handbook work, and why use it?

3.     What are Sphere Project Challenges to Humanitarian Response Professionals?

4.     The applicability of Sphere Project in Pakistan

How to register


Registering with us is quite simple. You either have to send us an email, give us a call or simply write some words on ‘Contact Us’ page at our website. We will be sending you the registration form along with other details. For final confirmation letter, please ensure that you have submitted fee before the last date of registration.


Registration can also be done online at www.researchanalyticsintl.org/course_register.php.


Important Dates


This training will be held on August 11-13, 2015 (Last date 05 August 2015). The final agenda and venue details will be shared with all registered participants (who paid their fees). 


Training fee and discounts


Training fee for one participant for three-day attendance is

Rs. 30,000 for International Organizations, Rs. 25000 for National Level Organizations, and Rs. 18000 for CBOs and Individuals. The Fee includes trainer fee, training folder material, certificates, venue cost, tea and lunch for participants. Discount is available in the following form (Mutually exclusive):

1.     5% discount for two to three participants from same organization

2.     5% discount on registration before Eid.

3.     7% discount for four participants from same organization

4.     10% discount for five or more participants from same organizations


The fee can be paid by the following methods:

1.     Online Deposits at UBL (1155)—School Road, Islamabad Branch: Acc #  000203686098

2.     Cross Cheque: Account Title: “Research Analytics International”

3.     Pay order/demand draft for “Research Analytics International”


For more upcoming trainings, please visit www.researchanalyticsintl.org/trainings.php.


We also provide in-house trainings to development and corporate sector.


You may also register at Email: trainings@researchanalyticsintl.org


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