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Two Day Training on "Social Mobilization" at Islamabad (September 11-12, 2014)

Two Days Training On Social Mobilization September 11-12, 2014, Islamabad, PakistanImportance of Social Mobilization (SM) is catalytic for the success of the development projects’ objectives and to ensure sustainable outcomes through change in behavior of the people—the primary stakeholders. SM is a key instrument developed and used by international public organizations like World Bank, UN, FAO and others and this tool also played key role in achievement of the objectives of social changes at grassroots i.e. community level. For example, Grameen Bank would never have become a model of microfinance if SM was not used to introduce its core philosophy to people needing micro financing. Behavior change is ensured only through two platforms: Advocacy and SM. Advocacy techniques are used to ensure changes in policies while SM is the only viable tool to ensure changes at grassroots level. This training is for all those who are key role players in Social Mobilization—the continuous process to sustainable development.

Training Objectives: The main aims of the training course are: Orientation on social mobilization & PRA To bring all at one wave length for participatory approach Learns different styles of development efforts Apply social mobilization techniques in their profession Conceptual clarity on process of social mobilization and other related itemsCourse Contents:1. Social mobilization & social organization What is social mobilization? Why social mobilization? Empowerment of people? Learning , re learning & unlearning Aims of social mobilization Major forms of mobilizations1.1 Building blocks of mobilization-Social organization Social organization at community level What is village or community organization? Types of village or community organization?2. Social mobilization strategy/ process How to form a village organization? Understanding the context Initial visit and area selection Stakeholder analysis and selection of activist Community meetings Forming structures Training & capacity building Making village/community development plan (CDP/VDP) Implementation of village/community development plan (CDP/VDP) 3. Participatory tools & techniques Introduction to participatory tools Basics RRA, PRA & PLA objectives & features PRA principles & pillars VDP/CDP structures & phases Introduction to VDP/CDP framework Action planning Monitoring toolsImportant Dates: The training will held on 11-12 September, 2014 at Islamabad. The last date to register is 08 September 2014. How to Register? Registration can be done online at www.researchanalyticsintl.org/course_register.php or send an email at trainings@researchanalyticsintl.org. Fee and Discount Policy: The total fee for two days attendance is Rupees 21,739/=. This fee includes training material, certificates, training notes, government taxes, two day lunch and teas. Following discount applies. Discounts are mutually exclusive. 1. 5% discount for registration before Eid2. 3% discount for registration before 14th August 2014 and registration after Eid. 3. 5% discount for registration of 3 to 4 participants from same organization4. 10% discount for more than 4 registrations. The fee can be paid by the following methods:1. Online Deposits at UBL (Branch Code: 1155)—School Road, Islamabad Branch: Acc # 0002036860982. Cross Cheque: Account Title: “Research Analytics International”3. Pay order/demand draft for “Research Analytics International”Contact us!We also provide in-house trainings and provision of services like Data Analysis, SPSS trainings, GIS mapping/digitization based on social, economic and other data, training on Advance Excel, Peachtree and Quickbooks. To review our fill list of services, please visit our Services Section. For previous trainings, please visit our Facebook Page. Research Analytics International 407, 4th Floor, Royal Centre, 106-West, Fazl ul Haq RoadBlue Area, IslamabadTel: 051-4311633 / 2806093Email: info@researchanalyticsintl.org;Web: www.researchanalyticsintl.org, www.facebook.com/raipvt